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Local Career Centers

  • For Job Seekers in City of Albany & Albany County:
    Phone: 518.462-7600
  • For Job Seekers in Rensselaer County:
    Phone: 518.270.2860
  • For Job Seekers in Schenectady County:
    Phone: 518.344.2735

Business Services Representative

 Job Fairs
  • We hold regular job fairs so employers can find qualified potential employees.
 Tax Credit Information
  • Get more information on New York State tax Credits here.
 Work with Youth
  • Help shape the workforce of the future by serving as a host to a youth worker looking to gain valuable work experience. Share your knowledge while developing your business and building a rewarding career. The wages of the youth you hire may be paid in full by our Career Centers for a period of time. Please call your local Career Center to learn more.
 Interview Space
  • We provide private spaces for you and your company to hold employee and job interviews.
 On-the-Job Training
  • Get quality, on-the-job training and wage reimbursements for new employees. Email us with any questions.
 Information in NYS Grants for Businesses
  • Get more information on New York State Grants for Business here.
 Upgrading Skills
  • We work closely with you and your company to ensure all qualified, current employees get the skills training that meet your current needs.
 Candidate Recruitment, Screening & Referral Assistance
  • We work closely with you to evaluate what your company needs in a new employee. We recruit and screen only the best potential employees for your business.
 Workforce Reduction Assistance
  • Rapid Response is a service that we offer to businesses and workers affected by cutbacks and site closings. Learn more here.
Public Work & Prevailing Wage Information
  • NYSDOL Public Work Prevailing Wage Information can be found here

If your organization or business would like to apply for funding, Please visit this link:

The workforce system of the Capital Region is dedicated to helping businesses meet their employment goals.

Business Resources

On the Job Training

What Is On The Job Training?
  • Hands on training that you design
  • A payment to offset training costs
  • An opportunity to train employees your way
  • An investment in your company
How does it work?
  • We match qualified applicants with approved job openings
  • We design a training plan that meets your needs
  • You get reimbursed for the costs of training during the OJT period
Who Can I Hire?
  • Applicants who are pre-qualified by our office and referred to you OR
  • Applicants you send to us for eligibility screening. We’ll notify you if they qualify
Businesses May Qualify If…
  • Operate year round
  • Enjoy low employee turnover
  • Pay an hourly wage or salary
  • Realize the benefits of investing in their employees
  • Employ any number of employees

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